I’m Denis. Freelance software architect, full stack developer and co-founder of DenktMit, an expert network of self-employed IT specialists.


I design and implement custom software for the finance industry that stands the test of time through maintainability, resilience, and observability.

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Software Development

At its core, the development of individual software in the financial sector is usually about solving complex problems through automation in order to minimize processing time, processing effort and error rates.

While the individual business needs are always in the foreground, I focus on developing systems that can be operated efficiently and further developed in the long term.

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I guide custom software throughout its entire lifecycle: from requirement analysis, IT architecture, design, implementation, and rollout to maintenance and support.

Project Portfolio

In 2022 and 2023, I supported the private cloud migration of a large international bank as a DevOps Engineer using Azure DevOps, Java, Spring, Angular, Ansible, OpenShift, and Helm.

Previously, I assisted a Swiss software manufacturer with an archiving system based on Kotlin for migration to a new intranet system based on a web crawler.

My Project Portfolio and CV provide an overview of the projects I’ve worked on in recent years.


DenktMit is a versatile network of seasoned IT professionals. Partners - more than just advisors.

Our members share knowledge, experiences, and assist in project placements. We jointly invest in entrepreneurial infrastructures – from employing software developers for project support to shared cloud infrastructure and tax consulting.

At DenktMit, we collectively build what would be too risky, costly, or unaffordable alone, while each of us maintains our entrepreneurial independence.