As a Software Architect and Full Stack Developer, I help my clients in the financial sector solve complex problems through automation.

The primary focus here is on meeting business needs and building systems that can be operated and developed efficiently over the long term.

Over the past decade, I have gained experience as Head of IT, IT Architect, Scrum Master, Software Developer, and DevOps Engineer.

I accompany individual software through the entire life cycle: from requirements analysis, IT architecture, design, implementation and rollout to maintenance and servicing.

My project portfolio and my CV provide an overview of the projects I have worked on in recent years.

Freelancer but not a One-Man-Show

In collaboration with DenktMit, a network of independent IT experts, I restore real substance to the overused buzzword “digitalization” and put you back in the driver’s seat of your digitalization strategy.

Tech Stack

My technical focus is on the Java ecosystem, particularly the Spring Framework, relational databases, and private cloud architectures based on Kubernetes.

This includes a wide range of products and open-source software, frameworks, and libraries such as Camunda, Kafka, Solr, Angular, Swagger and more.

I have over six years of full-time experience working with Java in various projects. Detailed information about my technological expertise can be found in my project portfolio. I am very open to learning and applying new technologies in projects.

Let’s Collaborate

Looking for assistance with your project? Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn , or you can directly contact me via E-Mail. I am eager to discuss how I can contribute to your project’s success.

In case I should be unavailable, or if the technology is not my area of expertise, I am happy to pass inquiries on to DenktMit and find an available expert for you.