DenktMit eG

DenktMit is a versatile network of experienced IT professionals. Partners - more than just consultants.

We share knowledge, experience, and assist in the mediation of projects. We collectively invest in entrepreneurial infrastructures – from employed software developers for project support to shared cloud infrastructure and tax advisory services.

At DenktMit, we jointly build what would be too risky, costly, or unaffordable alone, while each of us maintains our entrepreneurial independence.

Why a Cooperative?

Individual freelancers often face difficulties in being considered for large projects tendered by the private sector or government due to complex contract requirements and lack of visibility.

Through our cooperative and exploitation society, we are in a stronger market position. Together, we build a brand and benefit from a referral network among the cooperative members.

The cooperative is a special legal form with high equality among members, a democratic approach, and the purpose of promoting its members. Therefore, we are not a startup vehicle dreaming of quick money but a cooperative network in a corporate form.

You are an IT specialist looking for new challenges and networking opportunities?

You are at the right place! We are a cooperative of IT experts supporting each other in technical and business challenges.

At DenktMit, you remain independent but benefit from a strong network, grassroots democracy, resources, and the opportunity for larger projects that would be challenging to implement alone.


DenktMit Tech Blog

The DenktMit Tech Blog is about IT and software development. Worthwhile examples: